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'46 to '48 Buick Re-pop Sheetmetal Question


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I have a question that I'm hoping someone here knows a little about so I'm throwing it out there.


I am able to find some re-pop Sheetmetal for my '47 Buick 56C but what I can find and not find seems really random. For instance, the rocker panels. I bought perfect outer rocker panels but they don't sell inners (from what I can tell), but for the 4-doors of my year, they do sell inner. Is there a reason for that? Seems strange. Are the inner the same for the 2 and 4 doors?


And why can I basically build a new 1947 Chevy coupe from re-pop Sheetmetal that's available all over the place (I'm exaggerating a bit) but I'm forced to grind away on my English wheel for things I need for my Buick?


Anyone know of a place I can find hard to get Sheetmetal for my car?


As always, I appreciate you guys. Thanks.

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The reason you can find chevy and ford parts is because there is a market for those far more popular cars. As far as inner rockers goes, they are basicly just flat sheet metal. Originals are about .035 thick and have stiffining ridges. Just use .062 thick sheet steel for the inners. Easy peasy....bob

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Right on, I’ll continue to make my own as usual lol. On the one hand I’m grateful these cars are such thick metal or my car would have rusted away years ago, but damn this thick Sheetmetal is making me work on the compound curved panels. 

I appreciate your input guys. 👍🏽

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