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Sacrificed to run water well diggers...


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My great grandfather started Casner Motor Company in Alpine TX back in 1915. It was in the family until my father's passing in 1979. Some where in the late 20's to the 30's, 2 Buicks were sacrificed in order to power a water well digger. I pulled them off the ranch a few months ago, out out of the 2, I hope to get one wicked little rat rod, and an incredible little momento of family history to pass along.  I dont have Jay Lennos Garage, nor his money, so with what I've got, I don't much options. 

Any help to be able to figure out what model and year is greatly appreciated! The tag goes to the vehicle under it. I have many more photos. Just didn't want to appear to be obnoxious on the 1st post. Any, all help, comments, questions, even a little constructive criticism would be help...haha.

God Bless!

Thanks Again!!!






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The motor and frame in the first photo might be 1926 or 1927 Standard.  I recall that 1926 had a tube front frame crossmember.  Check for a rubber isolator pad where the rear motor mount meets the frame.  If no rubber pad, it is 1926. If it does have a rubber pad, then probably 1927.  Motor or frame serial number would also provide year identification.  I believe that most of the engine parts will interchange between the 2 chassis that you have.   I have a 1926 Standard transmission if you need another.

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Thank You, Oldtech. I was thinking 27/28. 

I have many pictures of then both. I was debating on what pictures to post. I'm very excited about researching all i can to get a list started. 


Here's the digger. Would be a cool yard art piece, i.m.o.123_1(1).jpeg.68166d4669e286f831fe46c5b6922e40.jpeg

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Info from the Standard Catalog of Buick. 1926 Model 28. 2 Door Coupe, 4 place seating. Price was $1,275. Weight 3,110 LBS. 8,271 Produced. The serial on the tag is in this range for the standard. Starting number 1398244. Ending number 1638576.

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