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37 Buick supplemental ground wires......


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I want to add supplemental ground wires for the headlights, front fender lights and tail lights.    With all the body prep work(2 layers of spray filler, primer, paint and fender welting),  I don't think I will be able to achieve a proper ground.  Even the fender mounting bolts and cage nuts may not be adequate,  so to eliminate the potential problem,  I would rather just add dedicated ground wiring.   


I'm wondering what would be the best way to do it.   Starting from the items I want to ground and following the existing harness back to where it "starts".....

Somehow ground the light switch?   Go right back to the battery(I really don't want half a dozen, or more, wires individually ending up at the negative terminal of the battery?  What gauge wire would be recommended?  I "converted"(using the term "upgrade" makes people cringe, and not saying 12V is better....lets leave that argument for some other tread) the car to 12V.  I want to use period correct cloth covered wire.


I suspect I should somehow ground both the frame and body to the negative battery terminal too.


Are there any other grounding issues that I should know of to help all other electrical devices function properly.


Any input is greatly appreciated.

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I added grounds from the frame to the engine and to the body, and used the body ground as a terminal to ground interior devices like the radio and lights. My goal was to cut down on noise in the radio and make my turn signal indicators not flicker. Result? Exactly zero change. No improvement, lights still flickered, radio still had a hum. 



If you're adding grounds, add a heavy ground cable from one of the starter mounting bolts to the point on the frame where the battery is grounded, maybe add one to the body, but otherwise more grounds probably won't make much difference. If things are working properly, better grounds won't do much for any device beyond the starter. Of course, if you're in there working on grounds, at least make sure your existing grounds are clean and tight. But adding a bunch probably won't make any difference to anything other than the starter.

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On every total restoration we do, we make a ground harness for the car........usually a headlight and tail light harness and then a separate under dash unit. We also run extra grounds to the frame from the engine and transmission. 

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