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‘65 Riviera …upper steering column trim/housing


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Hi all

re the semi circular ribbed trim that wraps around steering column …as per pic attached (not mine ).


re. top piece …I’ve removed the 4 screws from below (only fastenings shown in manual BTW) but piece doesn’t want to move….


Is there a method to sliding it off? Or is there another fastening somewhere?


not going to force it,  especially considering what’s underneath, but I’d like to polish it up if possible …


thanks in advance




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6 minutes ago, RockinRiviDad said:

I can check on my car when I get home tonight. I think the top piece is sandwiched between dash & column. U might have to loosen the steering column so it comes down a bit 

Many thanks….I think I’ll leave as it is if steering column needs to be loosened…could be opening a can of worms 😀

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5 minutes ago, telriv said:

That part should come off with the four screws.


Tom T.

Was hoping so … something seems to be stopping easy removal…I don’t want to force it so if doesnt come out easy I’ll leave it and polish it in position…


cheers, Kev 

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