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1959 International 4x4 Truck $4900 Iowa - Not Mine

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In my opinion, this is pretty cool.  Rare as hen's teeth.  Years ago in my old car hobby journey I decided to make the switch from cars to trucks and was into old Chevy trucks for awhile.  Being a smaller guy I appreciated that I could remove body parts and sections myself.  


On an automotive body as we know they are heavy unless you get a Triumph or smaller project, which I did as well.  


Trucks are hot right now as has been pointed out on the AACA General forum following of the Scottsdale auctions.  Again, if we knew then what we know now we would all be rich.  But we would also have to store a bunch of square-ish 1970's trucks and Blazers/Broncos somewhere.  


Another appeal for me when I had Chevy trucks was that about every part was reproduced and available in a catalog.  As long as I could get a cab that had rust free cab corners, I could at least replace rusted or dented parts myself, sometimes at high cost, but I could do it.  


I am not sure about aftermarket support for a 1959 International, but a good part here is the minimal aspect of the chrome, or lack of - and interior.  You don't need to be spot on on the seat material, dash is painted, as likely are the door panels.  


Wish I had the space for this one.  


I daily drove a 1966 Ford F250 Custom Cab for 2 years.  What a beast, 4 speed with granny low, 352 2 barrel. No PS, no PB, and I am 5'4" 140 pounds.  

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