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1937-39 Model K rear wheel hub

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Has anyone removed the rear hub to grease the bearings ? My 1938 has the floating rear axle so I assume the bearings are not oiled by the differential oil and need greasing.

Is this a simple hub puller job ? do I also need to open the wheel axle hub with special tools ?


attached is an image from my Chilton book, could not find  info on removal though.




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Hi you can easily take the axle out,  if you look at the OD of it (see pic) there’s a groove that has a ring in it that resembles a piston ring, pry that ring out, it comes out pretty easy, your axle will then slide out then you can get to the nut that holds the hub on. You’re going to need a special Timkin wrench to get that nut off unless you have some very large sockets. While you have that apart and are packing the bearings I would recommend replacing the seals, they’re felt. Ray Theriault in the Lincoln Owners Club has some beautiful seals for that. He also has a wrench if you don’t have a wrench. 





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