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Some ugly is bone deep 1940 Ford Pickup - Saugus, MA - “trade for $35K boat”

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Not mine (and I wouldn’t normally post a street rod but this is cartoon car that words can’t describe)




Per Owner:  “Candy apple green Stepside Pickup looking to sell or possibly trade for a Mastercraft or a Malibu boat the boat needs to be 30 to $35,000 value leave me your number I can text you back and then I will get your ideas from you through texting”



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10 hours ago, suchan said:

‘40 Fords are one of the all time best looking pickups.

Why can’t these people stick to ruining ugly cars?

I think because of supply.   Hot Rods are usually not this crowd's cup of tea but in the big picture there is a surplus of 1940 Ford trucks, and you can almost build one from a catalog.  The chassis on this one is likely not original, we don't know but I suspect the cab was missing - again you can buy one from a catalog - and it might have had the cab but not much else.  Most of what you see here is fabricated and he likely did not use much of a 1940 Ford truck to begin with.  

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2 hours ago, Hudsy Wudsy said:

Looking at the first picture, it appears to me that they've actually managed to change the angle of the way the headlight is mounted. Doesn't it appear that it's aimed slightly off to the outside?

I see it too.  


This truck is the poster child for the recently retired harangued husband who worked 30 + years for the "man" and has a nice home for the family and all the kids went or are going to college on 'pops' and now it's time to drop some coin and have fun, without the work.  


Having said that, THIS trucks custom styling is really bad, and I think the seller will continue to enjoy it. Or not....

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4 hours ago, marty mopar said:

thanks for the picture of the boat


will it float?



is it located near Guam?


how much for just the hole in the side?

Marty this is an iconic prop for anyone between age 40 - 100 


"It shouldn't be restored" 😉😁

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Since we are already discussing the SS Minnow, I have to ask the eternal question:


Ginger, or MaryAnne?


Back to the original topic: customs by definition risk appealing to a very small number of people. I have seen worse, but I wouldn’t pay much for this one. I’d rather have a banged up, somewhat rusty original. 

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