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Rebuilt 1964 425 cid Nailhead For Sale

my first riv

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I have a rebuilt Nailhead for sale out of a Riviera, thought I would post here first to see if there is any interest. It has new bearings, new pistons, new rings, new starter, new freeze plugs, best gasket kit, new neoprene front and rear main seals. Glass bead blasted and repainted all parts including exhaust manifolds. Engine has all standard size rings and bearings not bored out as the ring wear lip was barely enough to catch your finger nail on so was honed and cross hatched for new rings break in. I did not replace the cam or cam bearings as they should be replaced as a set and the cam looked great still with minimal wear. All other bearings were replaced. The rebuild with new pistons was performed as it had a broken piston head skirt but no other damage luckily. Casting flash inside valley was removed and cleaned up. I have tons of pics of the rebuild as well as receipts for all parts I bought from Centerville Auto.  I can include all the accessory brackets, original Carter AFB carb and also have an st400 trans available for sale, The trans works and had great fluid in it when I pulled it from the car but I did not rebuild it so price for trans is $600 in addition to price of motor. I'm asking $6,500 for engine as it sits and can negotiate for additional parts as needed. Price getting one of these rebuilt and you will be in the $8k-12k price easily. I am located in the Kansas City area, I have never dealt with shipping an engine but I will work with those wanting it shipped at your cost.




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I should note that I have the water manifold ready for install but haven’t yet as the accessory brackets bolt to it and don’t want to attach them if they aren’t needed and the intake manifold, valve covers and valley pan are not torqued down to save the gaskets in case the buyer wants to look inside the engine and or for loading purposes to protect the painted surfaces from damage.

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