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1924 Dodge Truck - Auburn, CA - $11,500 runs and drives

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Not mine.  Owner should have pulled this “runs and drives” truck out of the garage and taken better pictures.  I’ll bet it cleans up nice




Per Owner:  “1924 Dodge Truck runs great 45 miles per hour way faster then a Model t. bed is hinged and can dump has side boards you can have your shingle on it all things function bed has new wood floor in truck bed lost the title owned it for 15 years.  you can drive it on my property pay me and drive it home. sold with bill of sale thanks Robert”



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58L-Y8 pointed out this is probably a touring car conversion.  I should have taken a closer look as well; it’s going to require installation of rear tires to drive this vehicle around the seller’s property!  Price is looking more and more optimistic

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22 hours ago, TerryB said:

The “and drives” claim looks very questionable.

Back before computers and cell phones I drove a thousand miles following a magazine ad.

I did talk to the seller by phone and he said yes it drives.

When I got there he pulled a tarp and a bunch of rodents came running in all directions.

I stood around for a couple of hours while he tried to get it running. He couldn't even get it to crank.

I didn't actually call him a liar but was pretty disappointed in his verbiage.

I cussed him to myself all the way home.


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Same thing happened to me on several occasions.

The 1923 Buick Model 54 Sport roadster in 2009.


Agreed to a price providing the car could be test driven. Made arrangements to come and drive the car on a Friday. On Thursday we drove 8 hours to my daughter's house in Middletown CT. to stay overnight. Then another 3 1/2-hour drive to the place in Vermont. We had continual communication with the seller for the 2 weeks prior. That day he was not home nor could be reached. Took 2 hours to find him and another hour for him to get to where the car was. The car could not be started let alone be driven. He made excuses that it still needed some "sorting out".  It was a long angry drive back home.

1913 Buick Model 31 back in 2015.DSCF4707.JPG.8c3ec517afbccccafdc5d157d1c335a1.JPG

 Owner gave me a price, I counter offered providing I could test drive it. "No problem " says he. "How about tomorrow says I". "We will see you tomorrow then" says he. This time only a 3-hour drive. When we arrived, the car was covered with an old canvas tarp. The car was uncovered and had to be pushed out of a corner where it had sat for many years. He then admitted that he did not remember how to even get the car running. Water pump had lower hose to radiator connections missing. DSCF4691.JPG.16232a18d2247fa7342d32629ce3a8dc.JPG 

I gave another reduced offer, but he held firm to his price. He mumbled something about his step- father who had restored the car saying that "2nd gear was a bit touchy". Later he sent a horrible video of the engine running. The car was later sold and had some expensive transmission repairs... Then resold at Hershey about 2 years later and is now in England.

Other examples I can illustrate but disappointment is an understatement in these situations.


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