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Casting of some parts for my 1928 Durant (lost wax?)

Durant Mike

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I will need a switch for my dash to turn on the lights made by Clum. Mine has a visible crack in it. Darn pot metal. Also I have a set of robe rail brackets that has a small piece broken off of it and I'd like to get a new set cast for me to use. Also I have a foot rest bracket that also has a small piece broken on it (again I believe its pot metal). Anybody know of a place or someone that does this. I thought about possible doing a 3D printing with someone but usually the cost to set it up is stiff and I only need these parts. I don't mind making a few extra that I could sell to someone if need be.  Let me know if you recommend someone.  Thanks.

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I made up some parts I needed in wood and had Greg Coleman cast them up for me. Offhand I can’t remember the name of his company but it’s something like Chevycast or similar. You will have to supply the sample part to be used for the parts you need casted. He is very reasonable and gets thing done fairly quickly. Here is a couple pictures of  a convertible roof bolt escutcheon plate I had Greg cast up. I made the wood copy, Greg casted the parts and even had them chromed. Those escutcheon plates are used in every GM convertible coupe made but most people don’t even know they should be in their car because most have been lost. As far as I know, I’m the only one with them available for sale.



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1 hour ago, bob staehle said:

Greg Coleman      Chevy shop custom casting



good luck with your project Bob

Chevi Shop Custom Casting


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