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1928 Pontiac Radiator Cap / Hood Ornament -mislabeled?


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I have this beautiful hood ornament that belonged to my father.  He worked for his entire career at GM as a Design Engineer. It is in really, really great condition (compared to others I have seen on Ebay and Worthpoint) I have been trying to do some research on this piece before I sell it and it seems like this design is more consistent with the 1930-31 design.  Can anyone help me solve this?



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4 hours ago, Mike dyson said:

I am rebuilding a 29 my cap is a lot weathered with no feather my car is not pretty but to me that would make her please contact me .thanks Mike


Mike your `29 has a different style cap(screws-on), the one in question newer design,  1/4 to 1/2 turn its on. Duz your radiator have a threaded bib on top?    Nice project..

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