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Need 55 Chevy Nomad HOOD & Passenger Window???


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Recently bought a 55 Chevy Nomad. Turns out the passenger side window is broken down inside the door. I’m also in the market for a hood. Can anyone help me on this matter or point me in the right direction? Your assistance and guidance would be greatly appreciated.





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Yeah I bought the car that way. I did not make it that way. I’m aware it is not original. I want to take the blower off. I have the hood that has the cut out for the air intake. I no longer want the air intake on it. I want to make it look more original. Thanks for the help.

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Very pretty car. Just FYI, it is not a Nomad, and never was. This was a 2-door Handyman wagon. The 55-57 Chevy Nomad wagons were quite different from the 2-door wagons. The B and C pillars were slanted sharply forward at the top, and the roof had ribs stamped into it. The entire car was designed to suggest forward motion. The 2-door Handyman wagon is also a very cool and attractive car, but the side roof pillars are nearly vertical, and the roof is longer, so that the rear section of the roof remains more "square" with the body. 


Nice car, but not a Nomad. Enjoy! 


EDIT: I've added a photo of a 1956 Nomad here, so you can see the differences, as I explained above. 


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4 hours ago, John348 said:

You might find more help with the questions for your project on the sites below. We are pretty much a group dedicated to original vehicles, good luck with your search for your parts







Please don’t go away since you may not have gotten the information you wanted here. I’d like to see it after you perform the changes. What hp are you making now & what will it be w/o the blower, etc.? Will you be replacing the rear meats? Don’t know that the unblock 454 will be able to turn them over.

Good luck with your new car.

PS. Can I “test” drive it with the blower?😄

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On your replacement window, I have not had good luck buying flat glass from hobby vendors (bless their little hearts, I know they try). My best experiences have been taking the car to a professional auto glass shop and having them cut and install it right there. We had a horrible time fitting a '59 Caddy convertible mail order driver window, gave up and a glass shop did it while I ate lunch nearby. It cost less than the first window, was an exact fit, and I made money on the job.

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