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Front wheel bearings on 32 Buick 60series


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Are you asking about converting from the original bearing design of the front wheels to a modern design?


Can you restate your question- the words "timing bearing" are unclear.


I just redid my 32-67 front bearings, inner and outer using NOS parts from ebay and other sources.


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I recommend pursuing made in USA if possible, avoid the China junk if you can, here are some bearing part numbers.

There really isn't any point in buying China junk if you don't have to, especially when the NOS USA bearings are still available.


2x Front Inner - original was New Departure (Hyatt) #909026 (3 pieces, consists of cup 9090626, cone 909526, separator and balls 909726)

2x Front Outer - original was New Departure (Hyatt) #909025 (3 pieces, consists of cup 9090625, cone 909525, separator and balls 909725)


These will cross to other mfg # such as Federal F025/F026, and Fafnir 10025/10026, and BCA B-25/B-26, and SKF 909025/909026, and a few others.


Note, the primary difference with Chinese bearings is the plastic (yes, black plastic) ball retainer/separator - the common China made parts are the National BCA brand B-25/B-26, Pemar, some of the SKF brand, and yes unfortunately Timken.

There were Timken made in USA floating around, but they are hard to find, and offer mostly name recognition. 

I removed the BCA from my car, the balls were falling out of the plastic retainer on the ground, but the attached Federal F025 bearing was a proper metal retainer.


You can get NDH on ebay, as well as Federal and Fafnir, all NOS made in the USA.

909025 - 



909026 - 



These are common to many vehicles types and years, just search for "909025" and "909026", or the other part numbers, on ebay and verify the pictures have all three parts to the bearing assembly WITH the correct mfg numbers or ask the seller to open the box (some are too rusty/water damaged, be sure to get pictures).


Don't forget new felt seals from Bob's Automobilia - or upgrade to the rubber lip style.



It was pretty simple to remove both outer races using a bearing puller, or a properly sized drift made from a softer material like brass.

Be sure to avoid scoring the machined parts of the drums. 


There are some listings on the parts for sale which include folks who have many NOS bearings available if you don't want to use ebay.


Be sure to follow the procedure in the shop manual for how to tighten the wheel nuts.

Grease seals are dimple staked (red circled areas in attached picture).

Be sure to file these down smooth before removing/installing outer races for the inner 909026 bearing set.

I forgot - be sure to use non-disc wheel bearing grease specifically for drums - I use Valvoline in the blue can.


Hope this helps!



20211219_173217 - Copy.jpg

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20 hours ago, v12lincoln said:

Has anyone done a timken bearing.  on a 32 60 series.

gettting new brake linings put on so thought I would do this if possible.

need to reread my writing, autocorrect sucks


Very nice collection. I have also V12 Lincoln  (1946 Continental Cabriolet) and 1932 Buick 60 Series (68C Convertible Phaeton). What a coincidence. 


Przemek M. 

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