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1909 model 10 Buick

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This model 10 is a very solid prodject

With lots money invested in rebuilding 

New babbitt rods 

What rebiult rear axle mag valves jugs clutch brive bands rear brakes wheels hubs

New tires tubes  wheels very soind

Body hood and fenders very nice solid  easy valuable cat to finish

Reason for sale to many prodjects


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I love these model 10 Buicks and have chased a few over the years. There is one currently on the Brass Buick site with photos also describing a very solid project with many components already rebuilt. But from the photos posted it is mostly all apart.  The body does appear to have nice original upholstery.

 Same car? 

 I also thought that the forum guidelines indicate that one is to include the asking price.

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I am not certain. But I think I know who this is, and the car is also listed for sale on another forum site? I know the fellow a bit (not a lot!) through the other forum and a few mutual friends. 

If this is the same car? The asking price listed on the other site is given as "14500 obo" (assuming no errors in posting?). Some additional comments indicate this project might be very fairly priced? I wish I was in a better position to consider this for myself.


link to other forum listing;




He does not tend towards being nearly so verbose as I tend to be.


Me, just trying to be helpful.


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Wayne you are correct

Same car I've listed it all over great  easy to finish prodject just to many other prodjects 

Asking 14500 but very open to offers

Everything costly is done except paint

And  has far more invested then asking price

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