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Marathon Man

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We visited the car display when we attended the 2015 Southeastern Fall Meet held in Nashville.  The Marathon Motor Works building wasn't fully restored then and the display room, across the street from the building, with the cars wasn't open, but we were fortunate to be standing there staring through the glass doors at the cars when Mrs. Walker arrived to go enter her office.  She was very nice and invited us in, told us about the cars on display (at the time, 4 of the only 9 Marathon cars remaining; a 5th was added in 2019, and apparently a 6th car since then), and of her and her husband Barry's vision for the factory building.  We haven't been back to Nashville since then.  However, it appears the Barrys were fully able to achieve their dream of preserving a significant piece of automotive history.  Congratulations and thanks to them.


If you haven't visited Nashville and the Marathon Motor Works building, it still might look familiar to you.  The Antiques Archaeology store (that you may have seen on TV in "American Pickers") is in the building.

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Our experience was pretty much the same as we stopped in 2015 also on the way to the 2015 BCA national in Springfield MO. Peeking thru the window. On our way to Chickasha back in 2018 we were able to stop again. A few more machines were displayed but we could still only see the cars through the window.

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