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Nice 1934 Buick Marvel riser 146-124 for sale on E-Bay


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On 2/6/2022 at 2:42 PM, Pete Phillips said:

I have one, #146-115. Have not identified its application, but has to be approx. 1933 or 1934. Will sell it for considerably less than that one on Ebay.

I wasn't very observant either with the E-bay item.  It is missing inner tubes, has some chips that might be start of a crack.


Anyone interested in Pete's item- he prices fairly and doesn't sell junk.  I bought a bare casting riser that was perfect and an exhaust diverter casting with butterfly that had been broken but very skillfully repaired. I built a complete functional spare Marvel heat control system with the parts I bought from Pete...


Thanks Pete...





SHR 062.jpg

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