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Wanted to buy: 1925 Nash Advance Six Touring Top Irons and Sockets


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15 minutes ago, justinrog said:

Hello, i hope uo are having a nice time. just wanting to let know i have the set of 1925 Nash Advanced Six top iron you are looking for.

pls email me for more info @g mail      jamesfunlover22

Post a few fotos, I'm interested also, if it isn't sutible to Lahti35

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I have a 1927 advanced 6 touring and have been looking for rear doors, the rear body tub, top frames and other small bits for over 10 years, they are almost impossible to find.

 I'm also looking forward to seeing the pictures from jamesfunlover22, if they exist.

I have downloaded lots of pictures over the years from cars for sale and have quite a lot of them showing the top frames that I can forward to you.

 I'm also looking for pictures of the interior woodwork of tourer bodies, if you have any I would appreciate them thanks.

 I will message you privately too.

 Look up http://www.dfecustoms.com.au/ (australian hood irons) in Australia, they can make you a set of top irons with sockets and bows, but they don't come cheap.

Best regards


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This is always a maddening problem for many of us touring car/roadster owners that some former owner discarded the original top. Over 10 years I must have looked at 20 different socket/iron sets that were not even close. John's Enterprizes in Cal. stated he had a set for me in the filled to the top box truck storage. He would just have to match one up. Well, I waited. Calling every so often and still no match or call back after 5 years. That prompted me to find other sources.


My 1925 Buick Standard touring car had older supposed Buick irons cut down to fit.


Still with the poorly fitting too tall cut down top.

Friend Hugh made me full size patterns of both the irons and sockets.

Another friend gave me a very rough set of irons from a 1924 4-cylinder touring car.

Using the cast parts salvaged for this set I was able to have a set made by Mell Draper in Jeromeville, Ohio. Including powder coating and the steam bent top bows.

dfecustoms in Australia quoted me about $2,300 over 3 years ago. I delivered and picked up my set and since I was fitting the bows myself it cost me less than $600.



All I have to do is finish fitting them and get a top made.

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