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Intake Gasket Replacing on Buick 3.8


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$800 is the bottom price. Buick intake manifolds are notorious for their bad design. A lot of labor involved removing parts just to get to the manifold itself.


I replaced mine for under $150. That included a new, replacement intake manifold and all necessary parts. Dorman makes a great replacement.


YouTube has numerous videos on how to do this properly. You need some special tools to remove the fuel lines, but they are cheap to purchase (under $15).


The whole process takes a bit longer than it should because you have to remove all sorts of stuff to get to the manifold. But once you do this, you should have no problems with your intake manifold leaking again.


P.S. If you use your old intake manifold or replace it with an OEM version, the manifold will just leak again. Get a non-factory, redesigned version.

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