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Charging 8 volt battery


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Yes, I was convinced to convert to 8 volts!

But after replacing all battery cables with new thicker and correct 6 volt cables, cleaning up connection points, and using one of the starter motor mounting bolts as the main earth point, it seems there was no need!


So now I'm stuck with a new $300 8volt battery for its life span. And its problem is I need a good charging/tender with 9.5 / 9.8 volts to charge it.


So I've improvised adapting my 12.4 volt charger by wiring in series some small dash leds bulbs which take about one volt each out of the current leaving me with 9.5 volts.

The way the dash module was made I can add or remove a led bulb to change volts.

In a few years I will go back to the correct 6 volt battery.


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Right, an 8 volt battery is 2.1 x 4 cells, or 8.4 volts, so charging needs to force current (amps) into the battery, so ~ 9.5 volts is right. Now, if you want the battery to charge while the car is running, then the regulator/generator also needs to be adjusted tp 9.5 volts, which is why I always say the 8 volt battery is NOT good for use in a 6 volt system. They were a stop-gap measure for worn out cars that were not worth fixing, and were to be junked when the charging system burned up from the excessive voltage required to charge the 8 volt battery.😉

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With the Delco Genny, the third brush is adjusted to increase or lower output volts.

My auto eleccy guy bench tested and adjusted my battery and Genny together for 30 minutes. He was a retired expert and really knew his stuff.


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