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1948 Buick Sedanette, $6000

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I ran across this and thought I would share, since you don't see these everyday.  The ad doesn't mention model, but it appears to be a Roadmaster with the Dynaflow. 

Not mine and I don't know the seller but looks to be fairly solid.  Hopefully someone in the club can restore her to her former glory.










48 Buick 2dr fastback 
Straight 8 eng /stock trans 
Car has title and fender skirts with nice patina look. Contact for more info.

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If that paint job looks sharp, just go to a junkyard and you can find a lot more.  I don't understand this new trend.  Junk is still junk no matter what you might call it.  There restorable junk and part junk, but the second should be restored back to something nice.  Something "American Pickers" started on TV?  My '68 Skylark was all original and much better than this one, except still sorry.  So, it's in a paint shop now getting a new basecoat/clearcoat in the original color.

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