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Need Ford door latch, urgent. Swiss

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I am in urgent need to identify uses of this door latch, then I need to acquire one.  This is on my 1942 Ford Ambulance right hand rear door.  I need the left! This Ford ambulance was converted from a Ford Panel Delivery at the Siebert Shop.  I am sure this was an off the shelf door latch, I can't imagine it being made special for this vehicle.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Perhaps there is some one who deals in door latches.








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The 1942 Body Parts catalog does not have an illustration of the left hand latch P/N 11C 8243289, so I don't know if that is what you have. Ford was stingy with illustrations in the early catalogs.


The right hand latch is different from your photo. The handle is attached to the remote with a 16 1/4" rod. I believe that it goes from the handle to the roof.


Siebert may have had some latches made for its use in ambulances and hearses and used them for more than one year or model of conversion. Did you try to ask the question here:   https://professionalcarsociety.org/forums/


What is wrong with the one that you have?

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Restoration Supply Co., www.RestorationStuff.com, has a few latches you might be able to use. PN, FAS172 or PN FAS173, might work but you will need to fabricate a few parts. Finding something to fit exactly might be a challenge.

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