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6V Headlight reflector socket replacement.... Convert to 12V


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I've got what is left of fairly standard headlight reflector, form the 30's....  I would like to replace the socket with something that would hold a conventional 12 Volt bulb or LED.   Anyone have a place I can get something like this.....  See attached...


Sorry about the wire being right in the way.... Its a standard bulb for back in those days. Unfortunately there is nothing left of mine but the center hole and surrounding smaller 3 holes.

Had anyone found a way to adapt to this.  If not anyone know where I can get the entire original socket?









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That is a standard socket hole from the 30s. The socket will twist in. It may matter what make of car it is. Chrysler products and some other makes use bulbs ending in "1", 2331 for a 6 volt 32/32 candlepower example. GM and Ford and possibly others use bulbs ending in "0", 2330 for a 6 volt 32/32 candlepower example.


It is important to get the right socket and bulb for the car as the pins are rotated 90 degrees on the Chrysler bulb compared to the GM/Ford one. The filament arrangement is slightly different too.


All of this stuff was available in 12v for big trucks back in the era, and can probably be found on Ebay, and also maybe in new production from the Ford suppliers, or possibly motorcycle bulbs if it happens to be GM/Ford. If it's Chrysler NOS/Ebay may be the way. I cant rememberany 12 volt numbers off the top of my head, but they exist. The bulbs are called APF (American Prefocus).


You will see all sorts of conversions involving h4 bulbs, led and so on that are not likely to work well because filament placement is critical for good performance, and it is all wrong in these sort of "stick whatever bulb in there" conversions. The flat flange was to insure the correct position of the filaments in relation to the reflector in the original design.


APF bulbs in halogen exist made by some company in Australia, and probably in 12 volt too. That is the direction I think I would go. Look here:







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4 hours ago, 31nash880 said:

Noticed in thread mention of 32/32 candle power bulbs

 Any idea where to find 50/50bulbs? Car has them in it but 1 is burned out. 


Sorry, not off hand. In APF bulbs like the original poster's car takes, my experience says current Chinese production is 50/32 no matter what bulb number the resellers happen to be calling them. There are several varieties, not the all same but pretty close. I think 50/50 is probably going to be an NORS Ebay item if you are lucky enough to get them. If they are not APF, just a regular bayonet base, some new ones might be available(?). I would check with the early Ford vendors.


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