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Pierce Arrow firewall

a griffin

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1 hour ago, a griffin said:

Quick question.


Are there any dimensional differences between 1928 to 1931 firewalls?


Lot......too many to mention.

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47 minutes ago, a griffin said:

Lets try this..... is one smaller than another. 

Why ask the question? 


1929 Series 133 & 143 are the same....sedan to sedan......Open cars are different. 

In 1930 you have Series A,B, and C.  I don't know for a fact if they are the same size or not....my guess is A&B are, C probably not. They all will have different holes cut in hem for single/dual coil, ext.....

In 1931 Series 41 & 42 are totally different than series 43. 


SO, please let me know why the question, and what you are working on....PM me if you want to keep it private. 


One last note....Pierce Arrow NEVER made any two cars the same, and add in the split series 30/31.......... which is another whole ball of wax. It's probably more accurate to safely say 1929's are reasonably all the same, after that all bets are off.


Open car cowls are totally different than the closed cars........and probably means the firewalls are also. I have a 29 series 133 roadster firewall at the shop up north. 

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