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Flying car - Becomes a reality


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Three "certified for flight" aircraft spring to mind. The DeHavilland Comet had a nasty habit of coming apart midair. The Lockheed Electra would sometimes shed an outboard engine/propeller inflight and cut it's own wing off. Boeing's 737 Max 8 had a propensity to over ride the captain's inputs and fly itself into the ground.............Just sayin...........Bob

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16 hours ago, joe_padavano said:

Because drivers who can barely maneuver in two dimensions will be so much better at doing it in three dimensions...


Perfectly said!


A few years ago, the very enlightened city of Grass Valium (where I unfortunately live) spent over a million dollars to replace a four-way stop sign intersection with a roundabout. I told people before it was begun that it would never work as intended. People that cannot figure out how to work a four-way stop sign are NEVER going to understand how to approach a roundabout

They work in Europe because in Europe they still teach people how to drive.

I of course avoid that intersection during busy times. I love going through it at off times because I can go through it like a slalom racer!


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