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Franklin Showroom NY city 1931

Walt G

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The Franklin Pase Company was located on the west side of Columbus Circle in Manhattan.  William Pase also had showrooms in Brooklyn and Huntington on long island. The photo shows the dealership that was in a building that was torn down later and replaced for many years by the NY Coliseum where they used to hold the annual automobile shows post war. The Coliseum is now torn down as well to be replaced by a newer building. In the photo a circa 1913 Franklin roadster is posed for affect with new 1931 Franklins in the showroom. Behind the wheel of the 1913 car is actor/dancer Fred Astaire - I have other photos of him and the car taken at the same time and location.

I believe William Pase the owner of the Franklin dealerships is the gentleman in the derby hat and dark coat to the left standing on the sidewalk.


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Thanks for posting this, Walt.  It is humorous they would contrast a car only eighteen years older than the current model to show "look how far we've come!"   Wonder if Fred went into the dealership later and bought himself a new Franklin?

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