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1912 Packard Truck


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Thought you might enjoy this:


I am a native of Sacramento CA, my father and I shared an interest in antique automobiles.  When I was 14 years old one search led us to Pleasant Grove, near Sacramento, there we made friends with Charlie Singh.  Charlie had lots of antique automobiles, farm equipment and junk.  I was intrigued and fell in love with his 1912 Packard Truck and I bought it with $400 that I had saved.  The truck was originally owned by Yuba Consolidated Gold Fields, and it had old lettering painted on it.  My dad and I managed to get it loaded onto his company's 21 foot flatbed truck.  


My parents graciously allowed the truck to be stored in our driveway.  Can you imagine that?!


Please excuse these pictures, They're the only ones that I have.  They were taken after I had disassembled it for the purpose of investigation and education and potential restoration.  I failed the exam.  After a year or so, I sold it as is and disassembled.








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