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1920 Dodge Brothers speedo cable


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Hi Adam,


These are not available but can be made, I will measure mine tomorrow afternoon.

There are several different lengths and end types. 

Do you have the outer?

Do you have the correct ends?

I am located just south of Gawler.


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Okay, I will do it now.


For a 1920 car the length of inner is 19 1/2 inches




length of outer is 18 inches




Yours should have a square drive on the speedometer end 




and a tang drive from the gearbox




This is what a modern made outer looks like.



This is all supposing you have the original speedo etc.

If yours is broken then take the bits to a speedo cable guy (not cheap)

If it is missing then you are in trouble.

If you need to, give me a call.



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