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1987 Chrysler Lebaron Engine Confusion 2.2 or 2.5


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I have a 1987 Chrysler Lebaron  Premium Coupe VIN 1C3CJ51E1H

The sticker under the hood says 2.5L

The badging on the side of the car "Electronic Fuel Injected TURBO"

According to the VIN "E" code indicated 2.2

I believe this is a Turbo 1 engine.

Very early 87 year manufacture date.


Thanks for any help


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The vin is on the dash and door sticker and they match. The car shows no signs of front end damage so just assuming the hood is original. Here is the sticker. Hood color and underside colors arSticker.jpg.06ea7815c2a093f0560addc4fe3130f7.jpge correct to the car. I see no signs someone turned this into a turbo from a normally aspirated. Does this sticker help identify anything?


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The 1987 2.2 Turbo and 2.5 NA motors used the same cylinder head casting, but the blocks are different. Check the block casting number to be 100% certain.


The 2.2 Turbo used blocks 4343930, 4343834, 4343830, or 4387230

The 2.5 NA used block 4373230


The block casting number is above the pan rail on the side of the block below and behind the turbo.



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