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ST 14 Ply Trailer Tire Tread Peel ….

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I can’t order tires off the Interweb and have

them shipped somewhere because I am on the road over 300 days a year and my schedule changes daily sometimes …


I lost a tire in Indio, California due to what

appears to be tread separation - the tire had 60% or better life left.





I stopped in Blythe, California at a Goodyear dealer and got two of these.


They were the only choice in stock but as it turns out they have good Interweb reviews.








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Plenty of tread wonder about tire age? Couple years ago I separated 5 on the trip down to Ocala show. All were on their 4th year and air pressures were good but…. I used to exceed 68mph with that trailer. I’m a reformed tower since then and rarely ever exceed 69mph. An experienced tire guy in NC was convinced it was I-95 speeds


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