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1948 Cadillac Miller limo hearse $7,500 obo not mine

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1948 Cadillac miller limo hearse Miller
$7,500 obo     Spokane, WA


Seller's Description

1948 Cadillac Hearse very complete, solid car. Would not take much to have this back on the road. $7,500 obo.

May be an image of outdoorsNo photo description available.May be an image of car and outdoorsMay be an image of outdoors


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There is an accessory called a 'casket saddle for flowers - however, all pictures that I can find are recent and the saddles are made of plastic.  But as bryankazmer suggests, this could be a wooden fore-runner to the current plastic contraption.


It could also be placed on a bier - or any wheeled platform/wagon - to turn it into a mobile flower cart??


Or it could be placed on a truck flatbed, or in an El Camino/pickup to turn that into a more formal flower car???


A mystery (but I'm going with the saddle shape)

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4 hours ago, kingrudy said:

"Would not take much to have this on the road again" ???? What is he looking at?

Sure, maybe with a flatbed.😉

Being this car is in Spokane, I would worry about a cracked block since it looks like it's sat outdoors for a long time. I looked at a '47 Fleetwood limo several years back in the Portland, OR area. The seller was up front that the block was cracked because it was stored outside for many years. It wasn't locked up and could be made to run but it still needed an engine.

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