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F/S Brass radiator: SOLD SOLD

Frank Wilkie

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On 5/13/2022 at 6:09 AM, West Peterson said:

What years would that be for? I'm looking for correct radiator for 1910. 




West P, I don't look in here often enough I guess. The MTFCA forum is very active, and I usually get my model T fix there.


The radiator in the photo shared above is a "high neck" radiator. All brass era model Ts from mid 1911 until the end of the brass era in 1916 used the "high neck" radiator. There were a couple minor changes to the high neck radiator in 1913 and 1914 that most people cannot even notice. Most people use any high neck radiator for any year for which it is appropriate.

However, you are wanting a 1910 radiator! All 1910s as well as all 1909 and early 1911s used a "low neck" radiator. The filler neck is about an inch shorter, and very noticeable. Otherwise, the basic fit is the same. Any year model T radiator will fit and work. It just won't look right.

1909 radiators however, are a lot more complicated! They were manufactured by several companies, with numerous variations. Although, again, they all will fit and work. There were so many variations in 1909 radiators that it would take about a full page of writing to cover just most of them!

Good original 1910 style are hard to find. Older reproductions show up from time to time, but I haven't seen one since last year. Generally, the best option is to bite the bullet and get one from Brassworks. I understand they are about six months out on those.

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5 hours ago, West Peterson said:

There are a few things not correct on my car, I suppose the radiator may now be added to the list. Is this considered a high-neck radiator?


Yes, that is the typical high neck brass T radiator. They fit and work fine on a 1910, and most people other than the model T crowd won't know the difference. 

The fact that it also has "Made in USA" on it also makes it a bit later. While Ford went to the high neck early in the 1911 model year, they did not add the "Made in USA" until a year or so later. I am not certain of the time, but I think it was during the 1912 model year. 1911 and early1912 radiators also did not have the upper neck riveted onto the tank. 1909 through most of 1912 the upper neck was simply soldered on. Sometimes, on the rough roads of the day, the bouncing and vibration would loosen the upper neck. So Ford added the rivets to prevent that problem. The model T really was a quality product! In spite of Henry's famous and constant push to cut pennies from the cost of production? He also kept making the many components stronger and better!

Original radiators without the rivets are hard to find! Most model Ts that lasted more than the first five years wound up with replacement radiators with the rivets.


Good luck with your new T! They can be addicting little buggers.

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