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1967 Austin Healey Fiberfab Jamaican GT Coupe 54167 Miles Aston Martin Metallic

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I mentioned this in the Bradley GT thread.   This is on ebay right now and is probably the nicest Fiberfab car I have ever seen.  I always thought this was the best looking of all the kit car bodies.


We all know that 90% of these are to be found half covered by a tarp in 6" of mud in somebody's backyard.   I'm willing to bet that 75% of the kits were never finished.  


This is a 1967 Austin Healy GT Coupe with a custom fiberglass Fiberfab Jamaican body. Fiberfab, the company that created this coupe body has a rather interesting history and is worthy of an article in its own right. The company started as Sports Car Engineering (SCE) in 1957, it was founded by amateur racer Warren "Bud" Goodwin who was to manufacture fiberglass Mistral bodies under license and sell them as the SCE Spyder. The company then became Fiberfab Co. in 1964 and began building performance parts and fiberglass body panels for Austin-Healy, Mustangs, Corvettes, and Jaguars. Goodwin loved the look of the fiberglass bodies built by fellow American company Devin, but he wanted to make them easier for homebuilders to complete.

This particular Jamaican is actually one of only a few factory built examples and not a home build. A complete frame off restoration of the vehicle was recently completed.

This Healey features a big 3000cc 6 cylinder engine, 4 speed manual transmission with overdrive, Front disc brakes, 12 volt negative battery, Finned aluminum oil pan, Dual Vitaloni mirrors, Dual stainless steel exhaust with Monza dual tips and rolls on new custom spec 60 spoke wire wheels and new Vredestein radial tires. Within the cockpit you will find a period correct wood rimmed steering wheel as well as an array of Smith's gauges to monitor vehicle functions.

This Austin Healy GT Coupe Jamaican is extremely rare and sure to be a welcomed addition to both concours and rally-tour events. It is complete with service, ownership and restoration histories.




Image 1 - 1967 Austin Healey Fiberfab Jamaican GT CoupeImage 2 - 1967 Austin Healey Fiberfab Jamaican GT CoupeImage 5 - 1967 Austin Healey Fiberfab Jamaican GT CoupeImage 8 - 1967 Austin Healey Fiberfab Jamaican GT Coupe

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That’s a great looking car. I don’t recall ever seeing one in person. Not even in a backyard. But maybe these were nice enough that they all got covered with a full, new tarp?


Interesting that it doesn’t look out of place in that shop next to some pretty heavy hitters. 

I would not even try to pull that spare tire out of there. My back hurts just thinking about it. I’d just call AAA.  

The question in my mind is: would I rather have this, or the Healey it was based on?

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