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1969 Bradley GT - $6,500 (Jerome, ID) not mine

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1969 Bradley GT - $6,500 (Jerome, ID) not mine


1969 Bradley GT kit car
6xxx original miles
1600cc VW motor with aluminum Porsche heads
Brand new carb with less than 100 miles
New electronic fuel pump
Regular maintenance done
Doors and rear window are removable
All original paint and interior (different radio and speakers)
Asking $6500 obo
(2O8) 644-O9O3


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The Bradley GT was the icon of countless boys in junior high back when I was a kid. Why would anyone pay lots of money for a Ferrari when they could have a Bradley GT ?  (We thought.) 😄


Seriously though, kit cars are part of old car culture. Maybe they should get more respect from the old car community. I wonder how well those fiberglass bodies held up over time. Did they crack?

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I can guarantee you that it DOES NOT fit tall guys.

One of these went thru my hands many years ago and the drivers door had been removed.

Good thing as I had to drive it looking over the windshield. 

No way would I have been able to drive it with the door (gull wing) closed down.

I agree that these are kind of fun, and this one is good looking.

I had an old buddy that had VWs, he always said that they made good toys but not much of a car.


Do Porsche heads fit on a VW engine? Are not VW heads aluminum? (don't mean to be stupid, I just do not know VWs).

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It's funny the things that affect our thoughts and opinions of certain specific cars.  I love Bradley GTs....  In 6th grade, some family friends of ours had one.  The high school and college boys in the family were building it.  There was a 7th grade girl in the family, very cute, who I had a crush on........hence, I became very interested in their Bradley GT.    My memory (45 years ago) was that it was a very metallic blue color, great looking to me.   


Idaho....  that isn't helping it.   If it was closer to a larger metropolitan area, I would think it would sell to someone like me who had memories of youth with these.  


The buyer hopefully still has a leisure suit in the closet for taking it out on Friday night for a spin.  

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