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Setting valves on 1909 D brush


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I assume you know which valve is inlet and which is exhaust. Inlet near steering column. The following info comes from the Model D instruction book, reprinted by "Brush Owners Association" 2/95.

    "Inlet valve opens after the piston has moved down 1/16" past dead center and closes when the piston has moved up 13/16" on the second stroke. The spark should occur a little before or after the end of the second stroke. The exhaust valve opens 7/16" before the end of the third stroke and closes 1/16" after the end of the fourth stroke, just before the inlet valve opens."

The article does not say how high the inlet valve opens, but My model "F" opens up about the same as the exhaust valve. If you did not replace the valves, springs, clips, etc., grinding in new valves and seats is not easiest job and requires great care. I let the local engine rebuilders do this.


Hope this helps, maybe others would like to comment also. Good luck. 

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