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1936 DeSoto vin number on chassis location

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The Chrysler Airstream has a number stamped on the front frame horn.  I really don't know what this number is, but you might want to look there.   You might have to remove the bumper bracket to see it.


BTW.... I have a early 50's Hudson 262 engine I need to sell..... Know anyone interested?



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I don't know how uniform Chrysler was between their various makes and over multiple years. But on the assumption they were consistent, on my 1933 Plymouth the engine number is stamped on the left (driver) side frame rail between the running board supports. Apparently in the post-war P15 Plymouth era the engine number was stamped on the left frame rail on the kick up over the rear axle. I am not aware of the serial number (what would pass for a VIN number in that era) being stamped on the frame.

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