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A Video Visit With Legendary Y Block & Flathead Engine Builder Tim McMaster At Hanford Auto Supply


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Yesterday was an exceptionally good day.


It ended with a visit to Hanford Auto Supply
in Hanford, California where I met Tim McMaster the Legendary Y Block engine builder who also is the Legendary Flathead engine builder.




A quiet unassuming fellow - he came to work in this building back in 1985 and never left.




Tim’s Dad wanted him to be an engineer 
but Tim liked cars - he took a job while
in high school in 1985 and parlayed that 
into owning the building and the business.


Tim is the current land speed record holder
for a Y Block at 196 mph - having set that
record at The Bonneville Salt Flats last year.




So pull up a chair and take a visit with me 
to Hanford Auto Supply - a 14.000 square foot building fist built in 1907 - listen as Tim explains about his Y block race car - see some Stellar Cars.


@ https://youtu.be/4aTOB1ZNzh4



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Thanks for the video. Tim's own youtube videos had become less frequent over the years, so it's nice to see what he's up to now. His old videos are still available, last time I checked, so you can still get helpful info from them. I've used them for setting valve lash and such.

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Tim probably loses money each day he goes to work - to be an owner/operator 

of a 14,000 + square foot machine shop

with one assistant doesn’t allow for much

of a profit margin.


But - at this point in his Life it probably

is more about the Love Of Work ❤️

I so enjoy rolling up to places like this,

doing a pre-interview to get a feel for

what is really going on - then rolling film.


With few exceptions - everything is done

in one take on my IPhone 10SX.




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