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1988 Buick Riviera


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I hope im putting this in the proper place.

Hello, I am brand new to this forum. I sure hope someone here can point me in the right direction.

I bought a 1988 Riviera with just shy of 90k on the clock. This car had set under a cover outdoors in Colorado for 5 yrs or more. It is in great shape. Previous owner had hit a deer and was rebuilding the cosmetic damages and just as he finished he passed away. I bought the car from his estate and was told it needed a fuel pump. I finally got it installed found i had to replace the ignition control module. I had to replace the coil pack as well the two coils at the top were getting very hot. I replaced these along with the oil sending unit and got it started. I have never been able to get it to run properly. It had a bad miss and was running so rich that it was flooding out the plugs badly. It ran well enough it could be driven but was flooding out so badly it was only getting 4 mpg. along with that it was puking gas into the oil. after exhausting my guessing I ordered the manual that comes for the dealership mechanics. I have replaced the

Fuel pump , the inline filter,  the injectors, the cam shaft sensor, spark plugs , plug wires, fuel regulator, oil sending unit or sensor, air flow sensor,  ignition control and coil pack. I am still having a massive problem with it flooding. I drove it short distances around town hoping it would clear up. The one thing that troubles me besides it not running correctly is that before I replaced the cam sensor it never had an engine light stay on. as soon as I replaced it the engine light never goes off. I drove it about 2 blocks to where I was working and parked it. At this time I have driven it a total of around 300 miles total over 3 months time. When I went to leave work, The car started up quickly as usual but then after 3 or 4 seconds it stalled. It had done that before but this time it would not start again. I checked the oil and it had gas in it again. I changed the oil. I pulled the plugs and 5 out of 6 were completely fouled. I cleaned the plugs and now the car still wont start. It pops and tries to start but acts like it is way out of time. I checked the voltage on the cam shaft sensor wires and they are supposed to be at 10 volts or so on both channels, I get 10.5 on one side and 5 on the other side.

I am totally lost on this one fellows and Pretty tired of spending money If it werent is such great condition I would have already sent it to the grave. when I have done diagnostic check with the touchscreen all it says is the computer detects an electrical problem. Every single thing on this car is working except the fact that it wont run. 

I have aquired a 1986 century estate wagon That pretty much has the exact opposite problem. It will start and idle but as soon as you give it gas it is starving out for gas so badly it stalls within a very short distance. It will idle for hours if you just let it sit and run. the wires to the cam sensor are testing out the same way on one side it is 11.4 v and the other side is 5 v


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Welcome to the forum, you need to travel downward to the Buick Riviera forum, there is a lot of people who know Rivera's that can help, join the ROA (Rivera Owners) club you wont regret it, and purchase a 1988 Riviera shop manual (e-bay has them if cant find one) I would take car to AutoZone auto parts, they will scan and give you the trouble codes stored in your computer for free, jot down the code numbers and take them home and research diagnostics for your codes, also check your grounds (black wires) for being loose or broken in the engine compartment.




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