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30,31-32? Transmission ,model


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Transmission model 601344-4  Does anyone know what year transmission this is ? It has the side lever for a cable as well. Notice the 7 inch diameter e brake hub. This trans is in a  31 PA project  and the rear hub is different than most of  the PA transmissions as well as the side lever and numbers.  Chrysler, Dodge, Desoto ?  It fits length wise. but the ebrake  doesnt' fit  due to the large hub  Most PA hubs are 6 inch diameter. I want to know more about this model transmission and if I should look for another. More than one manufacturer obviously and which one is maybe better and I may have to look at the gear shift line up ?


trans lever.jpg

trans in car.jpg

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I googled that trans number.  There was a 1933 Chrysler engine and transmission with that number for sale on eBay ( listing ended) .  You can " see original listing"

on Ebay.

You can probably get confirmation from someone on the Chrysler forum.

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On 1/13/2022 at 10:17 AM, broker-len said:

I looked in my parts book for early plymouth     could not find that number   but the unit looks like my PA trans    since the unique motor mount of the free wheeling system hard to believe it is not a PA

I agree I don't see that trans number, In the spec and standards section of the parts book it does list a 7" P/B drum for the "Q", "U", and the "30-U" and a 6" P/B drum for models PA, PB, PC, PD, would the output shaft on a 30U be the same as the PA-PB trans? 


Hope this helps,





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