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For Sale: 1930 Ford Model A 2dr Sedan - $7,700 - Southington, CT - Project - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1930 Ford Model A 2dr Sedan - $7,700 - Southington, CT - Project

1930 Ford model a - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale (craigslist.org)
Seller's Description:

1930 Ford Model A two door sedan always kept inside. Same family owned for over 50 years. Car is complete, solid, and presentable in and out including top and all the wood. She has the rare heater option for you purist but the 5 wheels are 1935. The engine turns by hand but is not running and has a cracked head. Yes, I “was” going to cut it-you do as you like. Sold with a Connecticut title from 1969 and several old registrations. Possible delivery. My phone number is in with the pictures. $7700 thank you.  odometer: 84000
Contact: see last photo
Copy and paste in your email: 7f142134b92e37d58db161707925b6e2@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1930 Ford Model A 2dr Sedan - Project

'30 Ford A CT a.jpg

'30 Ford A CT b.jpg

'30 Ford A CT c.jpg

'30 Ford A CT d.jpg

'30 Ford A CT e.jpg

'30 Ford A CT f.jpg

'30 Ford A CT g.jpg

'30 Ford A CT h.jpg

'30 Ford A CT i.jpg

'30 Ford A CT j.jpg

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I’m hesitant to post this because it is kind of negative. I am nearby and was tempted by this car. But the reality is you can buy a good A for less than this one will cost to buy and fix up.

At any given time there are multiple As on my local CL and Facebook marketplace. Coupes, roadsters, tudors, four doors. Pick your preferred style and color. Usually priced between $10-20k for presentable running and usable cars. 

This one doesn’t run, it needs an interior and paintwork, and the bumpers are rusty. I really do like it, and I’m a sucker for projects, but it’s hard to support the asking price if you are looking for a stockish A. 

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Gearhead, if you cannot stay away I know a great engine builder right in Monroe.  My bigger concern, assuming a solid body, is condition of the running gear, as sorting front end, brakes, shocks and suspension can cost more than an engine.  To your point, a little more gets a runner that can be evaluated.


At 5k this would be pretty fair, and as Cub points out, ask is just a start.  Some of these grungy cars clean up really well. 😁

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Looks like it would clean up to look decent, the firewall and engine could be repainted but the cloth and paint looks like it could be fine with a good cleaning. The tires look like 70s incorrect sized replacements, that noticed, it could have ran in 1972. They might stick me in the back corner with a dozen others at a car show but I have parked a moped in line with a bunch of Harleys before without a care.

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Moped and Harleys, well hope you are hospitable when tjose powerboaters show uo! 😉


The wheels are later V8 Ford, common on As as tires at one point were easier to get.  Lots of guys like the slightly beefier look.  


I would of course help either of you CT boys spend your money sorting it, or any A for that matter.  👍😊

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13 hours ago, supercub said:

It looks enticing but I too much on my list as it is.

Same. Plus, here is how this simple “refresh” would go:


- Clean and paint firewall - to do it right, I’d have to get the engine out of the way. No problem, the engine has problems anyway. 
- Remove engine - easy. But while that’s out, might as well clean and paint the frame rails. Just in the engine compartment. 
- Now that the firewall looks great, might as well make the inside of the hood sides look just as good. 
- Hood louvers are hard to sand, and need to make sure all the rust is eliminated, so might as well sandblast them. Can’t really do that without doing both sides. So now the hood parts have fresh paint in and out. 
- While the engine is out, might as well pull the transmission and check everything out. Wait, no sense putting this all back together without tearing it down. How hard can that be?
- While under the car, those frame rails look terrible compared to freshly painted section. Since I’m this far along, it won’t be that hard to lift the body and clean/prep/paint the rest. 
- The engine is pretty beat. It needs a full rebuild. 🤔 Hmmm, I recently saw a T converted to electric. That would make an interesting challenge. And an electric A would be perfect for my 2.5 mile commute. How hard can it be?
- …


I could go on, but I think we all know where this ends. Or doesn’t end. 😀


- John

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For this reason luckily there are jump-in and drive running examples for 10k. But then is that a hobby? For me, the old stuff is being thought out all day until the wrenching or sanding resumes in the evening. Takes my mind off of the mundane.

There are people that buy an A and restore it and repeat until they have a fleet of them. They know the car and the sources, trade and barter parts, its a card game between a bunch of guys that discuss the differences in years and can smell a '28 grille put on a '30 car from miles away.

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So, what is the price now? (I don't do Facebook!)



On 1/13/2022 at 10:27 AM, supercub said:

I have parked a moped in line with a bunch of Harleys before without a care.


I have said it a hundred times! I would rather have the worst car on an antique club tour than the best car sitting in a garage!

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Wayne, it is $12,500.  He replaced the engine and changed to correct 19" wheels with 5 new tires among other things.  I cannot seem to grab a pic but it is amazing how well the paint cleaned up.  Seems like a nice guy we chatted just a bit...

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