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Very unusual Alfa Romeo being auctioned, let's see what it goes for

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Sprint Zagato's have been a car to aspire to at least since the early 1980's when I first became aware of them. An Alfa guy near me had a remarkable pair. A TZ and a SZ. Both were standouts. I understand the TZ eventually sold for jaw dropping money when they shot skyward on Ferrari's coat tails.

 The SZ's are a lot cheaper than TZ's but still a bundle. I think the SZ moved on to a new owner as well at some time, but no idea of what it sold for. 

Sigh,,, another one crossed off the list. In the 1980's someone might have picked one up for a price that while not cheap, wouldn't have required selling the house. These days out of reach to all but the few.

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29 minutes ago, edinmass said:

Interesting Alfa’s always bring big money............

I have played around with them some at the low poverty level of the marque.  But I do follow them from a distance and there are some heavy hitters who will swoop in and not blink for the top end of the Alfa market.


I had an Alfa devotee who has a couple high end Alfa’s from the 30s tell me that they look at Ferrari  the way the British look at Americans..........  cocky, insufferable, young show offs. 

I want a duetto soft tail or an early 60’s Giulietta. 

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I passed on a 101 series spider last week. I was there to buy some non car related stuff that was also part of the estate. The Alfa grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it. Major project but complete and a realistic price. But too much on my plate already. 20 years ago I would have jumped on it, these days I have my hands full with the Staver and a few British cars. The Alfa sold a couple of days later.

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