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What make is my favorite jack

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Hello all this is my first post ,As you can see the make label is messed up on this jack I rescued out of a scrap pile along with a similar bumper jack my problem is the seal is starting to leak after many years any help on what it might be will be greatly appreciated.






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This is a "WALKER" brand jack.

From the pics, I don't know if it is air, or hydraulic-

Looks like it would lift the entire end of a vehicle, or maybe one side at a time.

You should be able to disassemble it to replace any seals.

Some of the older places which repair air tools, also used to repair hydraulic tools.

Find one of these shops, or find some advice online

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Just today I received a new catalog from a supplier in Kansas that sells jack repair parts (seals packing, etc) if 

you are repairing or rebuilding an old jack. 

Hydraulic Parts Supply...... Sawyer KS     620-594-2247   (no online catalog)

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 I think that that is a Gray manufacturing jack.

 If it is like mine, I disassembled it , cleaned it and greased the inside liberally and it now works fine.

 It is a air jack with a leather  or neoprene ? seal.

 You could also introduce a very thick oil (600 or STP )inside through the air inlet. About 1 or 2 pints.

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