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Ongoing project

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Just thought I would post a couple pictures of a slow ongoing project. I need to get myself motivated to get back to it. All wood completely redone. All major sheetmetal roughly fitted. Need to start on the basic bodywork and get the doors adjusted. Still need better upper and lower grill trim. Then all it needs is everything.



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Kirk, Awhile back I took possession of about 5 boxes of misc Auburn parts, mostly 1931-33 I believe and some NOS.  Mostly mechanical pieces but maybe a few small trim pieces.  I have pictures if you're interested.  I've been meaning to go through it all to match part numbers back haven't gotten to it.


Peter in Burnaby



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42 minutes ago, Andy_V12 said:

No sidemounts, nice!

I'm sure you know how rare that car is😉

Hi @Andy_V12 yes I am aware that there are not many left. There was sidemounts but I filled them to do a rear mount spare. I have many cars with side mounts. The rear mount spare looks a little more sporty.

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