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Durant Motors Automobile Museum Foundation

Durant Mike

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Those of you that are interested in the history of GM founder William C. (BillY) Durant and also the history of the cars manufactured and associated with Durant Motors Inc (1921-1931) might be interested to know that members of the Durant Motors Automobile Club have created the Durant Motors Automobile Museum Foundation, incorporated in the state of Michigan as a IRS 501 (c)(3) non profit organization to establish a brick and mortar Durant Museum to honor the man and his cars.  Covering cars such as Durant, Star, Flint, Rugby, Mathis, Ruby, Locomobile (1922-1929) DeVaux, Frontenac and finally Continental the museum will house the history of William C. Durant from his days at the Dorant-Dort Carriage works, Buick, GM and Chevrolet and the vehicles in informative interactive displays. The building will be built in the design of Durant car dealership of the era.  Donations both monetary and artifacts are being collected at this time by the foundation.  To find out more about the foundation and it's plans, you can go to www.durantfoundation.org.




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