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Model 20 (All Models) Instruction Book


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One for the Model 20 Brigade.....


I recently acquired this 32 page instruction book covering all of the Model 20 models (including a Delivery which I was not aware of.... have never seen an image of same). It was printed in 1913 and has a lot more technical information than the standard owners booklet, covering topics such as replacing the engine side plate/camshaft housing and retiming the motor in step-by-step detail. I have included some of the diagrams from the book so you can get a sense of what is there. Have others seen this book before? Maybe it is old news? I am happy to scan it for those that may want the information. 









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I would like to have a copy too, please.  I have an original owner manual but the one you have seems to have a LOT more information.  David.coco@comcast.    And then add net after the period.   There’s some program picking up emails, every time I post it completely I get 30 or 40 new junk emails.  Thanks dc

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As a charter member of  52 years of the Hupmobile Club, I would like to thank you for making available copy's of this fine  Model 20  book of  instructions. Its  people  like you  that this hobby  great, Thank  You Chuck M

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See attached scanned document. Has been quite the adventure to scan and upload....not the easiest process given the file size limitations, inability to upload zip files, etc.  For some reason the page order is jumbled but it is all there. 




Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_1.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_10.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_11.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_12.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_13.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_14.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_15.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_16.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_17.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_18.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_19.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_2.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_20.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_21.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_22.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_23.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_24.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_25.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_26.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_27.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_28.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_29.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_3.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_30.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_31.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_32.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_33.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_4.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_5.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_6.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_7.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_8.jpg

Hupmobile Owners Manual10241024_9.jpg

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Peter,  The Google Drive says that I don't have access and to ask for permission.  I clicked on the ask for permission, so hopefully you have been notified and that you will give me access.  It looks like a wonderful document from what you posted above.  Thank you for doing this.


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