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Search Tempest is handy at times. It searches various websites and helps get around Craigslist's inability to let you search outside your area. Auto Tempest is good too for looking for vehicles.

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FB marketplace has the worst search engine known to mankind (OK, maybe the WalMart.com search engine is worse).

Searchtempest lets you search every C-List in the US. On second thought, why am I making it easier for others to find those deals before I do? 😲

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2 hours ago, STEVE POLLARD said:

What search engines are you guys using to search Craigslist / Facebook market throughout the United States ? 




 Hey Steve,


    I know damn well you are just like me & neither one of us need a more efficient way to add more toys to our collections! LOL


God Bless & Happy New Year!



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