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RIP to an American Icon


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She was a lovely lady from beginning to end. 


Such personalities don't come along often, and I'm glad to have "grown up" with her acting and her frivolity.


Her sense of humor and timing were impeccable.  


Rest in peace, Betty, you will be missed, but always with a smile upon one's face......and that, you'd love....



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She is on the current cover of "People" magazine.  It looks like they were planning on it being on sale when she was supposed to be 100 . . . but just missed getting there by a little bit, as things turned out.


A GREAT actress and individual, for sure!  "The Ad Council" has a Smokey the Bear radio ad which Betty is on.  I could tell that her voice was getting a bit weak, but still going strong.


Another icon is gone, but we can enjoy her work for many more years in re-plays of several of the shows she was in.


Rest in Peace, Great Lady!



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