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Registering An Antique Car With AACA


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The Founders Tour is coming up soon, March 2022. I just learned yesterday that my first antique car is not likely to be repaired on time to attend the tour. Big bummer. 

So, my best chance to attend the tour is by getting my third antique car running again (the second one is years away from running again). I bought this car in January 2021, and it's being prepared to join the noble fleet of the AACA community. Electrical issues grounded the car (no pun intended), so I'm hopeful to find and repair the issue.

But for now, my question is: May I register this antique car with AACA when registering for the tour, like you do for a meet?

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Mr. Charger, you should have a lot of fun on the

Founders' Tour!  When you fill out the form and

register for the tour, you'll specify which car you

are taking.  That's all you do to register the car.


The deadline for the Founders' Tour is February 15.

The tour is for antique cars 1932-1997, the last year

being the 25-year-old cut-off for AACA vehicles.

As you probably know, it's for authentic cars and

not for hot rods and modified cars.


When you're on the tour, if for some reason a problem

crops up with your car, you can let the tour organizers

know, and some other tour-goers would be glad to

have you and your passengers ride along with them.

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Hey, John.


Thanks for your advice. I wasn't sure if the car had to have "meet experience" or not. It will this year if I get it running, but the Tour is early. 

This will be my third Founders Tour. I'm familiar with the generous hospitality of the AACA community, and AACA's standard of antique automobiles. I really should share my pics and videos of last year's tour, including Marty Rohr changing my flat tire for me (and I'm a young guy!). He was eager to show-off his power lug wrench; it was very cool. 


I already printed out the tour flyer from the main site. I've been looking forward to going; I have a granddaughter in northern Alabama to visit along the way.  


Last year I used my '66 Dodge Charger, an Original HPOF. Tragically, it suffered its first collision on Labor Day; pretty hard hit, other car was totaled. That's a whole string by itself. 

So, my latest purchase is the car most likely to be ready for the Founders Tour: a '68 Imperial Crown. It will eventually be in the HPOF class. She's a little rough on the edges, but the air conditioning will be nice, and lots of room for friends. I travel alone, having been single for 17 years. If school wasn't in session, I'd bring one of my grandkids to help with navigation! 



IMG_1281 (2).JPG

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Really, John, you have a '61? One of my dream cars is a '62 Crown convertible, but their asking prices are very high for me. I may settle for a '68 Crown convertible, but no new cars right now. All three of my antiques aren't roadworthy. I must change that. And, yes, I searched a long time to find a nice dark color; turned down a white one and a tan one. 

My Dad owned two '62 Crowns at the same time, a black sedan and a white sedan (we were a big family). My brother still cares for the black one, the white one rusted away. Another brother owned a '63 Crown convertible, black on white, white top; real sharp car. Tragically, it was destroyed in a garage fire in 1975. I was there that day, just a young teenager, helpless to save any of the cars. The older guys were restraining my brother from running into the burning garage to save his car. It was too late. 

Some things ya never forget. Tuesday evening, June 10, 1975. 

Ya got me ramblin', John. Now, a few more photos . . .


Here's my Dad's last Imperial, the '62 hardtop sedan. He bought a '68 Crown for my mother; I learned to drive in that beast. It was the last car my Dad bought.

Mom's Crown was identical to the one I found in January. 



The last image of my Mother's '68 Crown follows, ruined in a horrific flood in my community, August 14, 1980. It had been parked in our junkyard waiting for transmission repair. 

It was pretty rusty and patched up to keep a sticker on it, getting kind of rough looking from what I remember.


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I'm not sure, Charger.  You can telephone the office

in Hershey, Pa. at (717) 534-1910, and they'll be happy

to answer any questions.  They may be closed today,

December 31.


Since registration closes on February 15 for the 

March 20-26 tour, one would think that it should be

open now, or very soon.  I've always registered by mail:

To do so, you mail in a card that comes in your national

magazine, to request tour information;  then they mail

you the information and a registration form;  then you

complete the form and mail back a check to them. 

(Or call the office and they'll mail you the tour information

and registration form.)


As far as registering via internet, someone else can surely

tell you more.  By the way, here's my 1961, which I got

quite a while ago when such models were cheaper:



1961 Imperial mine 2.JPG


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Ah, you're killing me! A convertible! I'm drooling here.

I've found photos of '62's in white and one in a light yellow. These Crowns do look nice in light colors. I'd love to have a triple-white convertible for my daughters' weddings.

Alas, they are both getting married in 2022. I don't have enough time, but they both love my hardtop sedan.

Thanks for sharing, John. 

Would I see you at the Regional Tour in Johnstown, Pennsylvania? I'm considering that tour because it's reasonably close to my home.

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54 minutes ago, OldChargerGuy said:

Would I see you at the Regional Tour in Johnstown, Pennsylvania? I'm considering that tour because it's reasonably close to my home.

I hadn't thought of that.  I wasn't looking at

the tour schedule until answering your questions.

But it sounds like a good idea.  We'll see...

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