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Please save this 1948 Commodore 6


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I looked today at a really nice, but not nice enough '48.  Really nice but neglected interior with good door panels.  Not even the drivers seat had any wear.  I found no real rust on it.  It had all the added components of DriveMaster under the hood but I doubt it has been used or changed in some time.  The person selling it on behalf of the owner is not especially familiar what makes Hudsons such amazing cars.  He was given the job of getting it in motion after a long rest.  It is running off of a tank under the hood and only driven between storage and this rod shop to show potential buyers.  Biggest turnoff is the careless paint job.   


Right now there is one likely buyer on deck who has already confessed to putting in a chevy V8.  The thought of it hurts my soul.


It is listed on Facebook Marketplace in Warsaw, NY which is about an hour south of Rochester.  I can forward a link if anyone needs it.


Thank you,


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