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1924 Oldsmobile Sport Touring - Where is it?

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In short, I am looking for this 1924 (early model 30) Oldsmobile Sport Touring. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo but it came from a very old small print.  The other one is a factory photo of a Sport Touring.

In 1954 I bought this Olds from a farm near Priest River, ID. I was 14 at the time and lived with my parents in Spokane, WA. My Dad and I hauled it home on a company truck and after several hours of cleaning the gas tank and fuel lines, changing oil and plugs I had it running.

Anyway, the last I knew, around '64 or '65 the Olds sat unrestored in the large equipment shop on a farm in the Spokane Valley. I moved to Virginia in 1966 and just recently came across the photo. I turned 82 this fall, I would like to find this and hopefully, buy it one more time as my first and more than likely, last antique automobile purchase.  By the way, I paid $5 for it and still have the receipt.

I know finding this is a very long shot, it could be anywhere, but I would appreciate fellow collectors spreading the word.

Thank you, Gary L Green

1924 Oldsmobile Sport Touring.jpg

1924 Oldsmobile Sport Touring Factory Photo.jpg

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Hello Gary, you should post your story in the Oldsmobile section of this forum so it is seen by more people familiar with Oldsmobiles. Also I think you should get in contact with Olsmobile clubs. In particular, contact the editors of their monthly newletters and magazines. 

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