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1950's-1960's Skelly Battery Service


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You often see battery service kits at swap meets but never this complete. Usually just the tote and it's often damaged.


Who else here keeps battery hydrometers and fillers around besides me?☺️ and old antifreeze testers and other assorted test equipment that used to be common as dirt?

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  Great collection. The little town I grew up in (pop about 2500) had a Skelly refinery about a mile out of town. They made more propane, butane, ect. then they could get rid so they flared most of it.

  I think they were suppose to charge 2-3 cents a gallon for propane, but would just give it away to the locals.

  In the Midwest, Skelly trucks stops were the first modern design that I remember in the early sixties.

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